Student Projects

Physics students are engaged in a wide variety of research and internship projects.  In order to get a sense for the range of activities carried out by the students, you can browse the following list of projects from 2010 and 2011. 

  • Jay Cole (Summer 2011): A junior engineering physics major researching at the University of Minnesota's Supercomputing Institute simulating the propagation of relativistic charged particles in astrophysical fluid flows.
  • Hannah Rogers (Summer 2011): A senior physics, math, chemistry, and German major working at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, N.M. using very long base array observations of water masers in the water fountain pre-planetary nebula IRAS 16342-3814.
  • Jacob Elmer (Summer 2011): A physics major at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa. working on incorporating hydrophobic porous membranes in a two-phase cooling system for high heat flux electronics.
  • Phillip Andrews (2010-2011): A junior physics major working for Dr. Wells on ultrafast laser pulse shaping parameteriation in the time and frequency domains. Funding through NSF EPSCoR.
  • Luke Benjamin (Summer 2011): A junior physics major working with Dr. Alton on modern optics experiments for the advanced laboratory. Luke is also working with Dr. Grau to study modifications of nuclear parton distribution functions by comparing PHENIX data with theory.
  • Tim Burwitz (Summer 2011): A sophomore physics and math major working with Dr. Wells on ultrafast laser pulse shaping with a spatial light modulator. Funding through NSF EPSCoR.
  • Tom Filer (Summer 2011): A junior engineering physics major working for Dr. Alton on atomic and nuclear experiments for the intermediate laboratory.
  • Neal Gregerson (Summer 2011): A senior physics and chemistry major interning with Raven Industries in Sioux Falls, S.D. working on quality controlled processes for engineered films.
  • Bethany Jochim (2010-2011): Working with Dr. Wells and Professor Itzik Ben-Itzhak on the adaptive femtosecond control of isomerization dynamics in acetylene and ethylene. Funding through NSF.
  • Chris Rallis (2010-2011): Working with Dr. Wells on the development of two-color pump-probe ultrafast laser spectroscopy with adaptive feedback. Funding through NSF.
  • Aleksey Voznyuk (Summer 2011): A freshman engineering physics major working with Dr. Wells on the closed-loop control of multi-photon ionization leading to ethylene deprotonation. Funding through NSF.
  • Tom Alexander (2010-2011): Working for Augustana College at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS) in Italy. The Darkside collaboration has a prototype dark matter detector which is being operated underground to understand it's performance to better design the real detector. Tom is working on data collection and analysis of calibration runs. He is also designing and construction an 'argon reclamation system' for inevitable warm ups.
  • Erika Zetterlund (Summer 2011): A junior physics and religion major working for Dr. Alton on the comparison between two dark matter detector simulations. Funding through Research Corporation.
  • David Swanson (Summer 2011): A senior chemistry and physics major in an REU at the Penn State Center for Nanoscale Science in State College, Pa. where he is researching the synthesis of nitrogen doped graphitic nanoribbons.
  • Audrey Burkart (Summer 2011): A sophomore engineering physics and math major in an REU at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Audrey is working on oscillating dust chains in a plasma cell.
  • Kai Jacobson (Summer 2011): A senior biochemistry and physics major, Kai is working in the chemistry department with Drs. Gary Earl and Duane Weishaar studying anion exchange of quaternary ammonium compounds as a function of pKa. Funding through NPURC.
  • Marcus Edgington (Summer 2011): A senior engineering physics major working in the chemistry department with Dr. Bijoy Dey developing software to study quantum dynamics. The software is designed to be general; having applications in both chemistry and physics.
  • Matt Wussow (Summer & J-Term 2011): A senior physics and math major working with Dr. Grau studying the possibility of determining the quark structure of some exotic hadrons as well as initial data analysis for gamma jet correlations in PHENIX.