Student Research Symposium Presentations


The Relationship Between Intolerance of Uncertainty, Sleep Difficulties, and Health Anxiety
Miranda Goldammer and Giang Tran (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor) 

Relationship Between Exercise, Sleep and Stress
Kennedi Alstead, Logan Burns, and Chandler Koehler (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor) 

Piloting Assessment Tasks in the Interpreting Program
Jasmin Fosheim and Parker Klitzke (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock) 

Closeness to God and the Effectiveness of Self-Disclosure
Christine Farnum (Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Jeppsen) 

Prayer Experience Moderates Relationship Between Private Prayer and Rumination
Abbie Sell (Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Jeppsen) 

Testing Two Models for the Relationship Between Religion and Mental Health in a Religiously Diverse Sample
Rachel Wisner, Peyton Jones and Naomi Rust (Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Jeppsen) 

Dark Personality Traits in University Students: Potential Associations of Psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and Narcissism with Academic Outcomes, Area of Study, and Academic Behaviors
Jacob Kunkel (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell) 


Public's Perceptions of Homelessness
Lorelei Tinaglia (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor) 

Motivational Interviewing for Individuals with Disabilities: The Sanford CHOICES program and FASD
Hannah Zylstra (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)

5 Minutes to Boost Creativity
Jasmin Fosheim and Naomi Rust (Faculty Advisor: (Elizabeth Babcock)

Are you sick, or just sleep deprived?: The relationship between sleep difficulties and health anxiety
Justin Brown and Jessica Boerner (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor) 

In Search of Creativity
Ashley Skorczewski and Ivy Pearson (Faculty Advisor: (Elizabeth Babcock)

Perceived control and the relationship between anxiety and sleep difficulties
Lauren Yares, Alison Day and Elizabeth Gadberry (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)

Trait Anxiety Mediates Effect of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Sleep Difficulties
Genevieve Tillotson and Yaa Tiwaa Offei Darko (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)


  • Stress and Sleep Difficulties: Differences Between College Majors - Breann Bowar (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Males’ and Females’ Self-Confidence, Creativity, and Excuses in the Presence of Male vs. Female Experimenters - Lorelei Tinaglia, Misael Garcia and Carolyn Johnson(Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell) 
  • Difficulties Regulating Emotions Predicts Sleep Medication Use - Danielle Claypool(Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • The Effect of Facebook on Memory - Lisa Moeller (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell)
  • Measuring Self-Esteem in Augustana Women Suffering Non-Physical Intimate Partner Abuse - Hannah Vander Broek (Faculty Advisors: Susan Schrader & Olivia Lima)
  • A Brain Computer Interface for Augmentative and Alternative Communication- Hannah Zylstra(Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Motivation Study - Karen Morales & Maddie Southgate (Faculty Advisor: Olivia Lima)
  • Effects of College Involvements on Perceived Stress and Sleep Difficulties - Danielle Bloom and Lance Shaull (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)


  • Heavy Technology Users and Their Study Break Habits - Rachel Saum and Emily Kern (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)
  • Why forgive? Immediate and delayed effects of different forgiveness motives - Sydney Fleming (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell)
  • Plugging into the network: The relationship between internet and creativity - Jenaleah Block and Julia Torgersen (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)
  • The Consequences of Competition: How Personality Traits Affect the Handling of Outperformance - Sarah Larimer, Jordan Kerkvliet, and Stephanie Richmann (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell)
  • Pre-Sleep Arousal Mediates the Relationship between Anxiety Sensitivity and Sleep Difficulties - Danielle Claypool and Dustin Wander (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • The Relationship between Perceived Control over Anxiety and Pre-Sleep Arousal and Sleep Onset Latency - Vicky Tsang and Ali Goers (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Preschoolers’ Emergent Literacy Predicts Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Reading - Kirsten Craft (Faculty Advisor: Oliva Lima)
  • The Relationship between Emotion Dysregulation and Sleep Difficulties - Breann Bowar and Annie Froseth (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Preschoolers' attitudes & motivation for learning - Kate Mydland (Faculty Advisor: Oliva Lima)
  • Improving Name Learning with Distributed Retrieval Practice - Danielle E. Anderberg and Hannah J. Zylstra (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)


  • Joint storybook reading and word learning: What reading style helps preschoolers most? - Kirsten Craft and Ashley Schreurs (Faculty Advisor: Olivia Lima)
  • Name Learning: The Effect of Distributed Retrieval Practice in a Simulated Social Setting - Carlee Berens and Kyle Knapp(Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)
  • Effect of Difficulties with Emotion Regulation on Sleep Quality - Michelle Erhardt and Ali Goers (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Distress Tolerance as a Predictor for Pre-Sleep Arousal and Sleep Problems - Katie Beech (Faculty Advisor: Casey Trainor)
  • Lie Hard: Predictors of Responses to Presidential Candidates' Deceptive Claims - Zack Truelson and Josh Goodwin (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell)


  • Scaffolding Reading Leads to Higher Vocabulary Acquisition - Heidi Allard (Faculty Advisor: Olivia Lima)
  • Assisted Study with Dynamic Quiz - Derek True (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)
  • Jump on the Name Train: Using the Testing Effect to Learn Names - Michelle Erhardt (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)
  • Vocabulary Acquisition Through Storybook Readings: Relationship Beteween Behavior and Vocabulary Gains - Leslie Walker and Molly Martin (Faculty Advisor: Olivia Lima)
  • Religious Priming and Ego-Depletion: Do People Exhibit Better Self-Control When They Have God On Their Mind? - Karissa Pepin and Melanie Jerke (Faculty Advisor: Anne Zell)
  • Effect of Expanding Retrieval on Name Learning: Comparing Older and Younger Adults - Taylor McCance and Maxine Melber (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)


  • An Internal Locus of Control is Associated with Problem-focused Coping at Work - Erika Jacobson (Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)


  • What Eases the Agony of Defeat? Comparing Strategies for Sparing Outperformed People's Feelings - Peter Schultz, Shelly Hubbling, and Rachel Nelson (Faculty advisor: Anne Zell) 
  • Effects of Elaboration Style on Vocabulary Acquisition in Preschoolers - Jesi Palank and Megan Wulf (Faculty advisor: Olivia Lima)
  • Investigation of Optimism and Control Within Dental Health Facilities - Mauri Becker (Faculty advisor: Christina DeVita)
  • Expanding Retrieval's Effectiveness in Aiding Working Memory Capacity in Name Recall for Both Young and Older Adults - Eric Swanson and Erika Jacobson (Faculty advisor: Elizabeth Babcock)


  • Moral Evaluations of Deception in Politics - Stephanie Sorensen (Faculty advisor: Anne Zell)
  • Relational Goals May Lead to Discomfort When Outperforming Others - Chrissy Gill and Jenna Obler (Faculty advisor: Anne Zell)

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