Constitution of the Augustana College Republicans

Revised: May 1, 2004

Article I. Name and Affiliation

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Augustana College Republicans, hereinafter referred to in this document as the College Republicans, or CR.

Section 2. The Augustana College Republican shall be the recognized campus affiliate of the South Dakota Federation of College Republicans, and of the College Republican National Committee, and shall be subject to and abide by the Constitutions, Bylaws, and Resolutions thereof.

Article II. Purpose

Section 1. To make known and promote the principles of the Republican Party among members of the Augustana campus and community.

Section 2. To aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government.

Section 3. To encourage and assist in the organization and active functioning of the Republican Party at local, state, and national levels.

Section 4. To develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service by them to the Party and community.

Article III. Officers and Election Protocol

Section 1. The officers which comprise the Augustana College Republicans shall be: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. Further leadership positions may be appointed as deemed necessary and at the discretion of the Chairman, including but not limited to: Executive Director, Co-Chairman, and Director of Events.

Section 2. All officers shall be elected at a regular CR meeting between March 2 and March 31 of each year, to be announced in writing to all members not less tan two weeks in advance.

Section 3. Nominations of candidates for office in the College Republicans shall be made from the floor by any members in good standing.

Section 4. Officers shall be elected by a majority voice vote of those present. Contested races shall be determined by written ballot vote.

Section 5. Vacancies occurring among the offices shall be filled by election by the Executive Board at the first meeting following the occurrence of the vacancy, provided however that notice that election is to occur must be included in an official notice of the Board meeting. A person elected to fill a vacancy shall serve as officer until the next annual election.

Article IV. Executive Board

Section 1. There shall be an Executive Board, which shall govern the College Republicans.

Section 2. The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the College Republicans. The Chairman shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.

Section 3. The Executive Board shall introduce, approve, and implement all actions and activities necessary and proper for the functioning of the College Republicans and not inconsistent with this Constitution.

Article V. Membership

Section 1. Any officer recognized as a registered student at Augustana College may apply for membership. Membership application information may be obtained from the Secretary.

Section 2. There shall be no dues collected as a requirement for membership.

Article VI. Impeachment

Section 1. Any officer who, during his/her term in office, has demonstrated disloyalty to the Republican Party, negligence or incompetence in the performance of his/her prescribed Constitutional duties, or willfully impeded the CR program, may be impeached, at a meeting of the Executive Board.

Section 2. Specific charges against the impeached officer must be approved by an absolute majority of the officers of the CR, excluding the officer being impeached, at a meeting of the Executive Board.

Section 3. From the approval of the charges until the next meeting of the Executive Board, the impeached officer shall remain in his/her office and be allowed to prepare his/her defense to charges.

Section 4. At the first Executive Board meeting after the meeting in which the charges were approved, an officer or other person selected by the officers shall present the charges and the impeached officer shall present his/her defense. Following these presentations, the impeached officer may be removed from office by the remaining officers of the Executive Board.

Article VII. Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. The parliamentary rules contained in the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the College Republicans in cases to which they are applicable an din which they are not inconsistent with this Constitution nor inconsistent with the Constitution or Bylaws of the South Dakota Federation of College Republicans of those of the College Republican National Committee.