Constitution of Augustana Young Life Leadership

Last updated November 16, 2004

Article I: Name
The name of this Club shall be; Augustana Young Life Leadership

Article II. Purpose
The purpose of Augustana Young Life Leadership is to provide a place for students to learn how to lead within the ministry of Young Life. The club's objectives include encouragement of personal spiritual growth, training concerning current youth culture, training in relational evangelism to teens and pre-teens. After training, students will be put onto teams that will then focus on reaching specific schools in the area. Students will be responsible for coming to weekly training meetings and their time commitment will increase if they decide to commit to becoming Young Life leaders in the community.

Article III: Authorities and Powers This club's leadership will consist of the local staff person that is employed by Young Life nationally as well as the faculty advisor.

Article IV: Membership
The members of this will be students, faculty, and other interested individuals from the Augustana community. Any person interested in the goals of this may become a member by committing to attend the weekly training sessions. No dues will be required.

Article VI: The Faculty Sponsor
The faculty sponsor shall be any interested faculty. If no faculty volunteers then the leadership responsibility will then be passed onto a Junior or Senior student at Augustana who is a member of the Young Life leadership team.

Article VII: Amendments
Amendments to Augustana Young Life's leadership's constitution may be proposed by any member of the organization. The proposed amendments shall be adopted by a 100% consensus of the leadership team.

Meeting Schedule
Augustana Young Life's Leadership will meet on a weekly basis on the Augustana College campus. Currently the meetings take place on Thursday evenings from 7-8:30pm but the day and time are subject to change in relation to student's availabilities.