(AUGUSTANA COLLGE CHAPTER) (Revised October 2004)

Blue Key National Honor Society is Augustana’s senior honor society and service organization. It was created to recognized academic excellence and promotes leadership in the Augustana community as we serve the surrounding Sioux Falls community.


I. Purpose and Activities
The purpose of Blue Key National Honor Society is to foster academic leadership and community service among its members. The organization’s activities are service based and focus on giving back to the surrounding community.

II. Membership
The grade point average for admission into Blue Key is 3.30. Potential members complete a national application and designated essays. Applications are numbered to preserve anonymity. The completed applications are brought to a scoring panel of current Blue Key members in which they are uniformly scored by at least seven members. Final scores are totaled from the reviews’ sheets. Blue Key admits a total of 30 candidates representing both sexes annually.

III. Governance
The officers of Blue Key are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These four offices comprise the Blue Key executive committee. The officers are chosen in a vote at the banquet in May of the current year. Ties are broken by a runoff. The duties of the President are to call meetings and to assist in the planning of service projects. The Vice President contributes to meetings and tends to other clerical duties. The Treasurer collects money and any additional paper work for the society.

IV. Interpretation
The power of interpreting the Constitution lies solely with the Blue Key Executive Committee.

V. Approval and Amendment
The constitution is approved by two-third vote of the Blue Key membership (quorum being ten) and may be amended in the same manner.