Constitution And By-Laws of Deaf Awareness

Article I. Name and Territorial Limits

Section 1. Name.
The name of this organization shall be Deaf Awareness

Section 2. Territorial Limits.
Its territorial limits shall be congruent to the limits of Campus and Sioux Falls. Such territorial limits shall mean the geographical area from which Members are obtained. It shall not mean the territorial limits of this Club shall be exclusive or that other clubs cannot be chartered within such territorial limits.

Article II. Purpose and Authority

Section 1. Purposes.
The purposes and objectives for which this Club is formed are
• To promote acquaintance, friendship, and fellowship as an opportunity for serve;
• To encourage and foster the idea of service and to provide an opportunity for its Members to be of service to less fortunate of others and to the community;
• To promote in every way the freedom of individuals and the maintenance of the principles of free enterprise;
• To encourage good government and good citizenship
• To further mutual tolerance and understanding among peoples.

The Clubs exist to serve their communities and to assist wherever needs are found in the true spirit of providing “Service to Mankind.”

Section 2. Authority.
The charter is granted by Sertoma International subject to approval and action by the Board of Directors of Sertoma International.

Article III. Membership

Section 1. Qualifications.
Collegiate Clubs. Membership is open to young men and women of college age through their graduation from an institution of higher learning or older.

Section 2. Procedure for Membership.
We require the members to pay the dues .

Section 4. Expulsion of Members.
The Board of Directors shall have the power by a three-fourths vote of the entire membership of the Board to expel Members of the Club for any of the following causes:
a. Misconduct of such character, as to be deemed by the Board to be a violation of the ethics and standards of the Club. Before any Member can be expelled for misconduct, the Members must be notified of the charges against him or her, just before the Board plans to take action, the Members should be given an opportunity to appear before the Board in defense of the charges.
b. Non-attendance of any Member at regularly scheduled meetings of the Club for a period of time which shall be considered by the Board to be unreasonable in view of the circumstances of the case in question.
c. Failure to pay financial obligations due the Club within 30 days after the mailing of a bill by the Club Treasurer or within 30 days after personal delivery of such a bill by the Treasurer. The board may in its discretion extend the time of the payment of a financial obligation in a particular case.

Section 5. Resignation of Member.
The resignation of any member shall become effective immediately upon delivery of the same tot the Club President Secretary or Treasurer, in writing, and its acceptance by the Board.

Section 6. Disposition of Membership Fees and Dues.
Any Member who resigns, is expelled or in a any way forfeits membership in this Club shall also forfeit all monies paid into the Club and shall not be entitled to any refund of fees or dues paid. In extenuating circumstances the Board may, in its discretion, waive such forfeiture in a particular case and allow a refund of monies paid.

Article IV. Officers

The Officers of the Club shall be
• President(also presiding Officer of the Club Board of Directors)
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer(One person may hold both the offices of Secretary and Treasurer)
• Accessibility Coordinator

Article V. Board of Directors

Section 1. Administration.
The administration of the affairs of this Club shall be in the control of the Board of Directors

Section 2. Composition of Board.
The Board shall consist of the Officers of the Club as set forth in Article IV plus four Directors, two of whom shall be elected annually at the annual meeting of the Club to serve for two-year terms.

Section 3. Responsibilities of Board.
The Board shall be the governing body of the Club and its decision in all matters shall be final, subj3ct to reversal by the Club as a whole in the manner provided by Section 4 of this Article. It shall have the power to adopt suitable By-Laws for the Club; the power to remove Officers or Directors from office upon a showing of good cause; the power to generally oversee the operation of all committees and to control all Officers. Appeals from the decision of nay committee or the ruling of any Officer may be heard by the Board. The Board shall meet at least once per month from September 1 through first week of May.

Section 4. Board Decisions.
Decisions of the Board on all matters will be final unless challenged by the general membership of the Club. To overrule a Board decision, there must be a two-thirds majority vote of the Club Members present at a regular Club meeting.

Section 5. Attendance at Board Meetings.
In the event that any member of the Board misses two consecutive regular Board meetings, the Board may, if it deems the reasons for such absence insufficient, declare the office of such Member vacant. Board meetings shall at all times be open to the general membership of the Club and any Club Member may attend and enter into discussions and debates. However, only Board members may vote at such meetings.

Article VI. Executive Committee

Section1. Composition.
The President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Club, with the President presiding as Chairman.

Section 2.
Responsibilities. The Executive Committee shall make plans for the operation of Club activities, devise plans for operating the Club finances, audit the books and records of the Club each year in May or as required and carry out any duties or functions assigned to it by the Board.

Section 3. Meetings.
The Executive Committee shall meet at least once each month and always before the regular monthly Board meeting. Plans for the following month will be outlined by the Committee of the regular Board meeting.

Article VII. Duties of Officers

Section 1. President.
The President shall:
A. Preside at all Club meetings and Executive Committee Meetings.
B. Perform all duties necessary to insure the successful operation of the Club.
C. Delegate specific functions to other Club Officers
D. Appoint committee chairmen
E. Delegate specific functions to other Club Officers
F. Appoint committee chairmen
G. Oversee operation of all committees
H. Preside over the Board of Directors meetings

Section 2. Vice President.
The Vice President shall:
A. Preside in absence of the President
B. Carry out duties arranged by the President
C. Be the Ex-officio Member of Sponsorship, Fund-Raising, Membership, Program and Attendance Committees.

Section 3. Secretary.
The Secretary shall:
A. Maintain a roster of Club Members and addresses
B. Arrange for publication of the Club bulletin
C. Act as recording Secretary at Board meetings
D. Carry out responsibilities of the office and others specifically assigned by the Board of Directors.
E. Submit reports and dues to Sertoma International with Copies of the reports going to the sponsor Club

Section 4.
Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:
A. Keep all records of business transactions.
B. Have custody of all Club funds
C. Account monthly to the Board of Directors
D. Maintain records of Club finances and dues status of membership
E. Leaving office, will conduct audit with President, advisor and new Treasurer (new Treasurer assumes control of Club funds).

Section 5. Accessibility Coordinator.
The Accessibility Coordinator shall:
A. Contact Disability Coordinator for interpreters.
B. Contact people if necessary
C. Carry out duties arranged by President

Article VIII. Election of Officers and Directors

Section 1. Time of Election.
The annual meeting of the Club shall be the first meeting of the Club held in May, at which time the Officers and Directors will be elected

Section 2. Term of Office.
Officers shall serve for a period of one year commencing on September 1 following election to office.

Section 3. Vacancies in Offices.
Any vacancy in an office or directorship which occurs after the annual election of Officers shall be filled by the Board of Directors for the unexpired term.

Section 4. Succession in Office.
No Officer or Director may serve more than one consecutive term in the same office except the Treasurer or Secretary who may serve successive terms. No person may hold more than one office or directorship at the same time except that one person may serve as both Secretary and Treasurer.

Article IX. District Organization

Section 1. When Establish.
A Collegiate Sertoma District may be established by any Regional Director of Sertoma International having at least 5 Clubs which are in good standing with Sertoma International and are located within the territorial limits of the Region. Each District so formed must have the approval of Sertoma International.

Section 2. Territory.
The Territorial Limits of the Region shall apply to the Collegiate District or Districts. Each club located within the territorial limits of the Region shall be a member o the District.

Section 3. District Committee.
The organization of a District its programs and activities shall be under the direction and supervision of a District Committee. The committee shall be appointed by the Regional Director of Sertoma International.

Section 4. Other District Officers.
The Governor shall appoint a Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 5. Secretary-Treasurer’s Duties.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall:
A. Prepare a budget of estimated incomes and expenses for the ensuing year.
B. Maintain Communications with Club Secretaries in the District.

Section 6. Administrative Body.
The administrative body of the District shall consist of the Governor and the Secretary-treasurer.

Section 7. Term of Office.
The term of office for all District Officers shall be for one year. The Officers shall assume their respective offices the first day of the fiscal year following their election or appointment.

A budget of estimated income and expenses for the ensuing year shall be prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer based on anticipated income for the fiscal year. The budget shall be approved at the District Leadership Conference and should cover, insofar as possible, the expenses for travel to conferences and conventions, Club visitations, and necessary office and administrative expenses. A copy of such budget shall be submitted to Sertoma International.

Article X. Club Fiscal Year
The club fiscal year shall begin on September 1 and end on August 31.

Article XI. Amendments
This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a two-thirds vote of all the Members present, provided that a quorum of the membership is present and provided that a written copy of any proposed amendments has been mailed to each Club Member at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which it is to be voted on. Changes or modifications germane to such proposed amendments may be adopted at such regular meetings without further notice. Amendments to the Constitution shall become effective only upon approval by the Executive Director of Sertoma International.