Augustana Disc Golf Association

I. Purpose
a. To provide an outdoor recreational option to Augustana students and the community. To build a relationship with Recreational Services in order to promote the sport of disc golf.

II. Membership
a. Any Augustana student can become a member of the Augustana Disc Golf Association (ADGA) by signing up with club membership.
b. Officers will be chosen by the members of the ADGA and should be the most enthusiastic players.

III. Election of Officers
a. Officers will be elected during a meeting held in March of each spring semester.
b. Elections will take place in this order: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Promotions Director.
c. Responsibilities

  1. President—is responsible for holding meetings and is the liaison between ADGA and Rec. Services.
  2. Vice-President—assumes President’s responsibilities in the President’s absence. He/she is also responsible for coordinating course maintenance needs and organizes personalized disc sales with the bookstore.
  3. Secretary/Treasurer—keeps club records and is responsible for fundraising.
  4. Promotions Director—is responsible for membership and overall promotions of the club, course, and events.
  5. Financial Responsibility to Disc Golf Course
a. In the event that funds are needed for course upkeep, the ADGA will either apply for money from ASA’s Community Development Fund or fundraise.

V. 2006/2007 Leadership
a. Advisor: Adam Rosman
b. President: Nathan Tichota
c. Vice-President: Nick Jackson
d. Secretary/Treasurer: Drew Anderson
e. Promotions Director: Bethany Rasmussen