Constitution for the Augustana College Gay-Straight Alliance


For the purposes deemed wise and good, here and after set forth, this organization is hereby established and submits itself to be by, and dedicating itself to uphold, the following constitution.

Article I. Name and Purpose

Section 1.01 The name of this organization is to be the Augustana College Gay-Straight Alliance, hereto referred to as GSA.

Section 1.02 The purposes of this organization are as follows:
a. Education of issues surrounding persons who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.
b. Outreach to Augustana College and the larger community surrounding these issues
c. The provision of a safe social environment in which persons of all identities can interact and fraternize.

Article II. Advisor

Section 2.01 The requirements of GSA are as follows:
a. GSA must have one advisor
b. GSA may create additional advisory positions if it is deemed as necessary. Section 2.02 The roles and qualification of an advisory are as follows:
a. An advisor must possess faculty/staff status at Augustana College.
b. An Advisor must meet with the officers of the GSA at least once during the fall and spring semester.
c. An Advisor may participate at all meetings should he or she so choose.
i. An advisor may participate in a manner fitting a standard GSA membership
d. An advisor may not hold an officer’s position.
e. Article II is not to limit the advisor from taking a more active role in GSA should he or she so choose.

Article III. Membership

Section 3.01 Any student or faculty member of Augustana College is eligible for membership and may join the club if they meet the qualifications listed in section 3.02.
Section 3.02 The qualifications for membership are as follows:
a. Possess faculty/staff/student status at Augustana College
b. Participate in at least one club meeting prior to a vote.
c. Identification of sexual orientation is not required of membership.

Article IV. Officers

Section 4.01 The election of officers shall be carried out as follows;
a. A meeting will be held during the month of April to determine who will serve as officers in the year to come.
b. During this meeting, those present will have several items of business to fulfill. These will include the following:
i. Identifying various positions, to be filled by one person each, whose fulfillment will serve as a boon to the organization’s purposes and goals.
ii. The nomination of particular individuals to serve in the positions.
iii. A vote will be held among those present to determine who of the nominated shall hold it.
iv. Each candidate shall be allowed a short speech in which he or she may outline his or her qualifications to serve and his or her goals if he or she were to be elected.
v. After these speeches, the vote will be held, and then a simple majority will decide the winner. vi. The vote shall be held as is deemed necessary by those present.
vii. After the election, officers are immediately instated in their positions and are obligated to fulfill their duties, described in section 4.02, for the remainder of the school year and until the next election.

Section 4.02 The duties and power of an officer are as follows:
a. Officers must fulfill the obligations mandated by that officer’s elected role.
b. Officers must attend a majority of the meetings held throughout the school year.
c. Officers have the power, at any time, to step down from his or her position.
i. To do so, the officer must notify the advisor and other members of the club
ii. In the event of such a resignation, new officers will be elected following the guidelines for election given in section 4.01 and above.
d. Officers may delegate some tasks to other members, but will still be responsible for the fulfillment of his or her duties.

Section 4.03 If necessary, the impeachment of officers will proceed as follows:
a. If any member of the club feels that an elected officer fails to meet the responsibilities listed above, the member may call at a meeting for the impeachment of that officer.
b. If a simple majority of the club then agrees that the elected officer has failed in his or her duties, the impeachment will take place.
c. The accused officer, if impeached, may defend himself or herself in the interests of remaining as an officer.
d. After the office4r’s defense, a vote for the officer’s impeachment will commence.
e. The officer will be removed from office if a three-fourths majority votes for the officer’s impeachment.
f. An election, as described in section 4.01, will be held to determine a replacement. Section 4.04 An impeached officer may remain as a member of the club.
Section 4.05 Every year the governing body must have the following officers, which only one person may fill. The officers and their respective duties are as follows:
a. President
i. The president’s duties will be to set the agenda of the GSA.
ii. Recognize a speaker during meetings, certify the votes of a meeting.
iii. Work closely with Augustana College and the advisor to fulfill the aims of GSA.
iv. Nominate his or her Vice-President during his or her administration
b. Vice-President
i. In the event of the President being unable to fulfill his or her duties at a given meeting, the Vice-President during his or her administration.
ii. During a vote, the Vice-President shall cast the tie-breaking vote.
1) Should the Vice-President being unable to fulfill his or her duties at a given meeting, and if the advisor should not be present then the President shall cast the tie-breaking vote.
c. Secretary
i. Maintain the notes of all meetings.
ii. Maintain the account records of the GSA.
iii. Insure that the constitution is upheld.
Section 4.06 During every election, more officers may be created or removed and their powers expanded. a. The officers described in section 4.05 may not be removed
b. The new officer’s roles created will be elected in the manner described in section 4.01 and be bound by section 4.02 to 4.04.

Article V. Meetings and Attendance

Section 5.01 Meetings will be held no less than once per month during the fall and spring semesters.

Section 5.02 Anyone is welcome to attend any meeting, so long as he or she respects and obeys the rules and regulations of the club.

Section 5.03 Officers must attend a majority of the meetings.
a. There are not attendance requirements for regular members.
b. At every meeting at least the President or the Vice-President must be present.

Article VI. Rules and Regulations

Section 6.01 The rules and regulations of the club are as follows:
a. Be knowledgeable about regulations, which govern club activities at Augustana College.
b. Follow all rules, regulations, and procedures as outlined by the activities office and/or Augustana College.
c. Respect the confidentiality of its members
d. GSA or its members shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, sexual preference, religious affiliation, political affiliation, age, national origin, ethnic origin, or disabilities.

Section 6.02 All rules and regulations cover membership, access, treatment in programs, activities, and elections.

Section 6.03 If the need should arise for how an article or section in the constitution is to be interpreted the president, secretary, and advisor shall determine its meaning and agree to it by a two-thirds majority.

Article VII. Suspensions and Expulsions

Section 7.01 Any member who breaks the rules and regulations of the club may be suspended or expelled from the club. The procedures for such an event are as follows:
a. Notice of failure of a member to follow the rules and regulations of the club may be brought to the attention of any officer by any member of the GSA.
b. The officer is then obligated to bring the allegations to the attention of the other officers. Section 7.02 After the allegations has been brought to the attention of the other officers:
a. A meeting will be held, apart from normal meetings, to determine the validity of the allegations.
b. A two-thirds majority of the officers must be present at the meetings
c. The accused must be given due notice of the allegations, and given the opportunity to be present at the meeting and mount a defense against the allegations.
d. The accuser is required to be present at the meeting should there be no extenuating circumstances.
a. Extenuating circumstances shall be determined by the Advisor

Section 7.03 After the proper completion of the meeting as described in Section 7.02:
a. The officers shall determine if the accused should be suspended or expelled based on the severity of the charges and the prior infractions of the accused.
b. Should the suspension of a member be determined; a simple majority vote of the officers shall carry the immediate suspension of the accused.
c. Should the expulsion of a member be determined; a two-thirds majority vote of the officers shall carry the immediate expulsion of the accused.

Article VIII. Amendments

Section 8.01 Amendments may be proposed when they meet the following criterion:
a. Are initially brought up by the advisor or any officer of the GSA.
b. Are to be brought before the officers before the start of ay meeting in the amount of time necessary for proper debate.

Section 8.02 Amendments may be brought before the members of the GSA when they meet the following criterion:
a. Complete the requirements set forth in 8.01.
b. Debate on the proposed amendment by the officers and advisor should he or she be present.
i. Majority of officers must be present for a vote to be held.
ii. Voting can be done as deemed appropriate.
c. The amendment proposal will be carried should it receive a simple majority by the officers.

Section 8.03 Amendments will be added to the constitution should it meet the following criterion a. Upon the completion of the requirements set forth in *.02; debate on the merits of the amendment by the members of the GSA shall commence.
b. Following the debate, a vote will be held and all of the members at the meeting may vote.
i. Voting can be done in the manner determined as appropriate.
c. The amendment will be carried should it receive a two-thirds majority vote.
i. If the amendment is carried it will take effect immediately.