Article I: Name
The name of this club will temporarily be The Government Club until a formal vote has been taken by the club’s members.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose and mission of this club is to create a forum for discussing current government-related events and professions within the government field. As a club we are committed to becoming involved with community service projects within Sioux Falls.

Article III: Membership
Membership to this club shall be open to any undergraduate, graduate, or non-traditional Augustana student or faculty member who is interested in government.

Article IV: Offices and election procedure
The offices will consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Student offices will be chosen in the fall of each year by the government faculty upon submission of a letter of interest by the student. The term of the officers shall be for one year (May 1-April 30). There shall be no limit to the number of times students may hold the same or different Cabinet positions.

Article V: Meetings
Meetings will occur once a month with a time and place to be determined by the officers. Additional meetings may occur in the event of a guest speaker or special event.

Article VI: Advisor
Advisor to the Augustana Government Club will be Dr. Joel Johnson. The term of the Faculty Advisor shall be indefinite. Duties of the Faculty Advisor are: to advise and to support all activities of the club; to be responsible in conjunction with other government department professors for the annual election of Cabinet officers and; to make sure that such records and all information of the club are given to the succeeding Advisor.

Article VII: Amendment procedure
Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by any member of the organization and require a two-thirds vote of members present to be ratified.