Constitution of the Augustana College Life Alliance

Article I: Name
Section I
This organization will be known as the Augustana College Life Alliance

Article II: Purpose
Section I
Life Alliance stands firm that all life is precious and sacred from conception until natural death and is dedicated to promoting the sanctity of all human life through awareness, education, and open discussion.

Section II
Our purpose will be accomplished through (though not limited to) informative testimony, lectures, discussions, pamphlets, other written materials, debates, videos, the development of a website, and cooperation with other student and area organizations.

Article III: Membership Section I
Life Alliance will be actively advised by an Augustana College faculty member.

Section II
There will exist a core group of committed students for the purposed of planning, development, and implementation of programming. They will meet several times per month.

Section III
Participation in Life Alliance will be open to all students, staff, and faculty of Augustana College.