Philosophy Club Constitution

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Augustana Philosophy Club is to cultivate a community of support, learning, growth, and leisure for any student interested in philosophy. To accomplish this, the club will provide fun and educational events to its members.


Meetings will be held every other Monday at 5:00 pm and are open to anyone interested in philosophy.

Events and Non-Club Speakers:

Special events and speakers will be held. Incoming speakers are required to focus on topics of a philosophical nature.


Membership is open to any Augustana student and is obtained by attending five club meetings. Membership is free.


The Augustana Philosophy Club will honor the college core values and the guidelines contained in the Augustana Student Handbook.


The club will provide opportunities to serve both the on and off campus community.

Faculty Advisor:

The club will always maintain a faculty advisor.

Executive Board:

The Executive Board shall be determined by those who volunteer for a position on the board. If two or more people wish to hold the same position the winner will be determined by a vote. The term of office will be one full year. There is no limit to the number of successive terms one can hold.

Executive Board Positions and Responsibilities:

President: Responsibility will be to preside over and facilitate club meetings and events. The president will also coordinate other executive member responsibilities.

Vice President: Will aid president9al responsibilities and serve as a substitute in the president’s absence.

Treasurer: Will be responsible for receive for receiving, keeping, and disbursing club revenue and will keep records of these actions.

Secretary: Will be responsible for recording the minutes and will maintain a list of member addresses, phone numbers and emails. The Secretary will also handle all correspondence and club notifications.

Technology Director/Web-master: Will be responsible for construction and maintenance of a club website.

Photographer: Will be responsible for any audio, video and picture recordings of club meetings and events.


Any club member can convoke the club for a vote on any issue. Votes will be cast through a secret ballot. Only current club members have the privilege to vote. A group of any three Executive Board members will tally the votes. In the event of a tie the president will employ a casting vote.


The club will strive to use inclusive language and learning. An example would be to try and use the term “humankind” instead of “mankind” or when referring to God to use the terms “God”, “Lord”, or “The Almighty” instead of him, her, she, or he. Also, the club will include learning from both male and female thinkers and philosophers.