The NCAA Manual States: “Each NCAA institution shall establish a student-athlete committee for its student-athletes. The composition and duties of the committee shall be determined by the institution.”

1. The committee will consist of sophomore, junior, and senior student-athletes representing each sport.
2. Student-athletes will be selected by the Senior Woman Administrator in consultation with the head coach of each sport.
3. A president will be selected from the committee to preside over the meetings and to help organize committee events. The president will serve two consecutive years. The presidential position will be filled by a junior and senior if possible. The graduating senior will be replaced by a junior with a minimum of one year experience on the committee. The incoming junior will be selected at the end of their sophomore year.
4. The Senior Woman Administrator and an additional athletic administrator will be present at the SAAC meetings to give student-athletes insight on the NCC, NCAA and other school-related issues.
5. Delegated student-athlete SAAC member(s) will represent the Augustana committee at the annual North Central Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee meeting.
6. The president will participate in the two conference calls among North Central Conference schools.
7. The Senior Woman Administrator will serve as advisor to the group.

Committee Functions:
1. Serve as an advisory body in issues that relate to student-athlete welfare.
2. Promote awareness and understanding of athletic operations and procedures to other student-athletes and the campus community.
3. Focus on creating unity among the student-athletes at Augustana College.
4. Review potential NCAA legislation and it’s impact on the student-athlete.
5. Advise the college of improvements in procedures that may be of benefit to Augustana College student-athlete in the years ahead.
6. Serve as a communication link between Augustana College student-athletes and the college’s athletic representatives.
7. Take part in the Alcohol Education and Leadership Program if designated.
8. Continue to be involved in community engagement efforts.

1. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee will meet monthly during the academic year.
2. The chairs and co-chairs of the subcommittees will meet monthly with the SAAC president, two weeks after the full committee meeting.

February 2007