S.K.O.L. Constitution (Students Keeping Ole’s Legacy)

I. Purpose
a. The purpose of S.K.O.L. (the Augustana student alumni association) is to instill three values of connections, tradition, and pride within the Augustana community.
b. To host events that promote alumni connections, encourage practice of existing traditions as well as creating new ones, and uphold overall Viking pride in the student body.

II. Membership
a. Powers
i. At least two (2) class representatives from each grade will be members of a core group.
ii. The core group will be responsible for calling meetings, meeting with S.K.O.L. advisor, maintaining the budget, and all other executive duties.
b. Members
i. Membership to S.K.O.L. will be through a selection process.
ii. There is no limit to how many students may represent each class.
c. Selection Process
i. Each fall S.K.O.L. core members will coordinate a membership drive among the new freshman class and for upperclassmen who would like to join.
ii. Interested students will complete an application and have an interview with core members.
iii. Because the number of members is unlimited, the purpose of an application process is to ensure that all students have the desired characteristics of connection, tradition, and pride.

III. Responsibilities
a. Meetings
i. Meetings will happen no less than two (2) times a month and will include the Director of Alumni Relations
ii. Events
1. Class unity events
2. Faculty/Staff Alumni Recognition Event
3. Student-hosted reception for alumni award recipients
b. Relation to Augustana Association and Office of Alumni Relations

IV. Budget
a. S.K.O.L. will receive funds through the ASA spring budget hearings and Community Development Funding
V. Participation with NSO Kick-Off and Viking Days
a. NSO Kick-off is an important event for new freshmen. S.K.O.L. will help in whichever way is needed to make this event an explosive start for each new freshman class.
b. Viking Days will be a chance for S.K.O.L. to unite current students with alumni through events like the Augustana Career Symposium.

VI. Amendment to Constitution
a. Any amendments made to the S.K.O.L. Constitution can be made by a recommendation from any core member, approved by the S.K.O.L. advisor, and passed by a majority of S.K.O.L. members.

VII. Core Members
a. Core members are the students who are most enthusiastic about the three values of S.K.O.L. (connections, tradition, and pride).
b. When a core member resigns or graduates, that member shall be replaced through a recommendation made by other core members and/or the S.K.O.L. advisor.