Sociology Club Constitution

Revised for Academic Year 2005-2006

Article I. Name
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be “Sociology Club of Augustana College” and hereafter be referred to as the Sociology Club.

Section 2. The Sociology Club shall consist of officers, in decreasing hierarchy: a. President b. Vice-Present c. Secretary/Treasurer d. Programming Correspondent. e. Outreach Coordinator f. Publicity

Section 3. All students of the Augustana community shall be encouraged to participate in the Sociology Club.

Article II. Statement of Purpose
Section 1. The purpose of this organization is to provide a forum for the open exploration of contemporary sociological research, to open avenues of exploration to prospective Sociology majors, and to provide community and fellowship to students within the Sociology program.

Article III. Membership and Elections
Section 1. Membership to this organization is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at Augustana College. All members are encouraged to propose new ideas for event.

Section 2. Officers must be a declared major or minor in the field of Sociology.

Section 3. Officers shall be self-nominated and selected through a majority vote of the current members with the approval of the academic advisor.

Section 4. Elections for officers shall be held the second Friday in April during every new calendar year.

Section 5. Members of the Sociology Club may join at anytime throughout the year.

Section 6. “Active” members of the Sociology Club are defined as attending at least sixty (60) percent of all the official meetings and events.

Article IV. Meetings and Procedures

Section 1. Regularly scheduled meetings will be held bimonthly at the discretion of the President. These meetings will run about 30 minutes in length. Only the president has the authority to call meetings. However, other officers and members are encouraged to consult with the President if it is felt that an “emergency meeting” is necessary.

Section 2. Eligible members, enumerated in Article III, Section 1 and 2, may vote on policy decisions. Formal votes may be called by the Vice-President, and decisions are based on a majority vote of the members present at the meeting. The academic advisor shall be allowed the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

Article V. Responsibilities and Powers of Officers
Section 1. The President shall lead and organize meetings, supervise events and delegate the responsibilities involved in these events, call for votes, and periodically appoint individuals to ad hoc responsibilities to further the goals of the Sociology Club.

Section 2. The President/Vice-President, with the advice from the Council of Officers, shall make any dismissals that are necessary. The position shall be filled as enumerated in Article VI Section 1.

Section 3. Impeachment. If any member of the Sociology Club believes that an elected or appointed officer is not meeting the requirements of his or her position, he or she may petition for a recall. This petition must contain the signatures of at least ten (10) percent of the Sociology Club “active” members and be presented to the Sociology Club President. If the President is the subject of the petition for impeachment, the petition shall be delivered to the Sociology Club Vice President. A recall election shall be held within two (2) weeks after the presentation of the recall. It is necessary that seventy-five (75) percent of the total “active” members in favor of removing the official from office. Fifty (50) percent of the Sociology Club’s “active” members must vote for the election to be valid.

Section 4. Procedure. Impeachment and removal procedures shall be presided over as outlined in Roberts Rules.

Section 5. Removal. A secret ballot shall be taken. Removal of the accused will require a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of the Sociology Club’s “active” members in favor of impeachment. “Active” is defined as attending a minimum of ¾ of all meetings and events.

Article VII. Co-Sponsorship of Events
Section 1. The Sociology club reserves the right to choose who it wishes to co-sponsor with.

Section 2. Any ON-Campus organization, student, or member of Augustana’s faculty may present an idea for an event.

Section 3. The members of the Sociology Club shall make the decision in private whether or not to co-sponsor with anyone enumerated in Article VII Section 2 by voting as enumerated in Article IV Section 2.