Augustana Writer’s Guild Constitution

Approved at meeting of February 10, 2000

Article1. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Augustana College Writers’ Guild

Article 2. Statement of Purpose
The Augustana Writers’ Guild exists primarily to help further the efforts of students, faculty/staff, and others in the Augustana community pertaining to creative writing.

Article 3. Qualifications for Membership
Membership in the Augustana Writers’ Guild shall be open to any member of the Augustana community who is interested in creative writing, including but not limited to fiction, poetry, playwriting, and essays. Students need not be English majors or minors to hold positions as officers, to be members of the Guild, or to attend any event sponsored by the Guild.

Article 4. Offices and Election Procedure.
The officers of Writers’ Guild shall consist of two student co chairs, to be elected to year long terms by nomination and majority vote. The election will take place at a meeting in April for the succeeding academic year, the vote being conducted by members in attendance at that meeting.

Responsibilities of the co-chairs including the following:
--Convening and chairing all meetings of the Guild.
--Reserving meetings rooms at the times and places agreed upon by the membership.
--Coordinating Writers’ Guild events, including organizing publicity for these events.
--Disbursing Guild funds, in consultation with the faculty advisor.

Article 5. Meeting Schedule
Meetings of the Guild shall be held at least bi-monthly during the regular school year, giving members opportunity to share work in progress.

Article 6. Amendment Procedure
The Writers’ Guild Constitution may be amended by majority vote of regularly attending members. A regularly attending member of the Guild will be defined as any member who has attended two or more Writers Guild meetings during the current academic semester. A list of these members will be compiled and kept y the co-chairs.

Article 7. Business Meeting Procedures
The Business of the Guild will be decided by a committee of the whole, with the exception of decisions regarding the disbursement of ASA-supplied funds, which may be made only by student members of the organization. Also, non-student members—faculty or other members of the Augustana community—will not be permitted to benefit personally from ASA funds (e.g., they may not pay for photocopies from the ASA-supplied budget.). Business meetings may be conducted as part of the regular Guild meetings.

Article 8. Advisor.
An advisor will be chosen by the Guild membership in an April meeting for the succeeding year. The advisor is expected to attend Guild meetings and to offer advice and direction on Guild activities and business. The advisor shall be a non-=voting member of the Guild.