Studying Off Campus

As a liberal arts institution, Augustana aims to create well-rounded students. While it is often difficult for chemistry students to study abroad, given the drastically different chemistry curriculum in foreign countries, Augustana encourages its students to take advantage of our study abroad opportunities. For those who don’t want to be away for an entire semester, there are interim, summer and spring break opportunities for travel.

Augustana faculty members strive to provide a strong, positive mentoring experience for all of our chemistry majors that include exciting research and internship experiences, along with personalized advanced classes. Closer to home, many of our students take advantage of pre-professional internships in the health care industry around Sioux Falls by shadowing physicians, dentists, or pharmacists.

Internships in Forensic Chemistry at the Rapid City and Sioux Falls crime labs and alternative fuels at POET Research are popular options. In addition, there are many exciting opportunities to work with biomedical researchers at both Sanford and Avera.

Our award-winning student affiliate of the American Chemical Society engages in active outreach to the community, visiting middle schools to discuss environmentally friendly chemistry, conducting fun experiments, and more.

What can you do with a chemistry major when you graduate?