Our Value Proposition Claims

The center of campus at Augustana University

What sets Augustana apart?

Well, we could go on and on. Nothing compares to this place. The beautiful campus. The people. The shared commitment to exploration and discovery. 

We challenged ourselves to be concise and created the ever popular top 10 list. Highlighted are the tangible qualities that set Augustana apart. Read the statements and view the evidence which demonstrates the University's value to our current students and alumni, the community, employers and more:

  1. We are an authentic, unpretentious campus community where students, professors and staff care deeply about each other.  See the evidence

  2. We are fortunate to have great professors who value close student-professor collaboration which enhances learning.  See the evidence

  3. We commit to provide a global perspective and promote the importance of understanding self and others through extensive international experiences. See the evidence

  4. We provide undergraduate research opportunities that provide a rigorous and challenging academic experience which enhances applications for graduate and professional school. See the evidence

  5. We promote the importance of the performing and visual arts as central to a well-rounded liberal arts education. See the evidence

  6. We celebrate involvement in intercollegiate athletics and recognize its centrality to the Augustana experience. See the evidence

  7. We engage the vast resources of Sioux Falls, one of America’s great small cities, as a laboratory for internships, clinical practice, student teaching, part- and full-time employment.  See the evidence

  8. We graduate students in four years, unlike public-funded universities where it normally takes 5, 6 or more years to complete a degree. See the evidence

  9. We prepare our students for careers and graduate and professional school through our commitment to hands-on learning. Augustana University students gain admission to nation's finest universities. See the evidence

  10. We produce measurable outcomes. In this region, Augustana’s reputation is second to none. Prospective employers, civic and business leaders hold high regard for AU and its graduates. See the evidence


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