The Campaign for Augustana University

On campus today, we're blessed with great thinkers who are dreaming awesome ideas and pondering new possibilities – all of which are worthy of your support.

We invite you to learn more about Horizons 2019: The Campaign for Augustana University, a bold initiative designed to enhance campus life, enrich teaching and learning, and provide for our campus community.

Giving to Augustana

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Investing in Augustana ensures that we can continue to adapt to, and stay in sync with, advances in scholarship, science and technology.

At the same time, your support makes it possible for Augustana to remain true to its culture and our 156-year-old reputation as a world-class institution which supports scientific exploration and discovery, the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of faith, while adhering to the highest standards of teaching and research. Most importantly though, the philanthropic support of our alumni and friends enables Augustana to provide 100 percent of our students with financial aid and scholarships – life-changing, transformational gifts that help some of the world’s most talented, creative and innovative young people achieve their full potential as students in preparation for lives as global citizens.

Thank you for supporting Augustana!