Augustana University Offers Match Program for South Dakota Opportunity Scholars

To celebrate South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship (SDOS) recipients, Augustana is excited to announce the SDOS Match Program. Augustana is the only university in South Dakota to implement a program of its kind for this award.

The South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship allows South Dakota's most academically accomplished high school graduates to receive an affordable education at any university, college, or technical school in South Dakota. 

Starting in Fall 2021, students in the class of 2021 will be eligible for Augustana’s SDOS Match Program. The university will match the annual amount of SDOS awarded for the student’s first three years of college. The SDOS awards eligible students who graduate from a South Dakota high school $1,300 in annual scholarship, which means Augustana will contribute an additional $1,300 per year for three years to the student while enrolled at the university. Recipients need to maintain their eligibility for the SDOS portion to remain eligible for the match.  

Director of Undergraduate Enrollment Madeleine Titze said, “Augustana has always been a destination for South Dakota’s brightest students and by matching the SDOS, we’re further strengthening our commitment to South Dakota students and families. We value the many ways these students contribute to the fabric of the Augustana community and are excited to partner with them through this opportunity.” 

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, 100 percent of full-time undergraduate students receive academic, talent and/or need-based financial aid  while attending the university.

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