Semester Shutdown

12/12/15 Schedule

All Day
Arcade Games (Campus Life), Siverson Lounge

4 p.m.

Women's Basketball vs MN Crookston (SKOL), Live stream in Back Alley

6 p.m.
Candlelight Service, Chapel

Men's Basketball vs MN Crookston (SKOL), Live stream in Back Alley

7-8:30 p.m.

Cocoa and Canvas #1 (GOLD), 3-in-1 Room

7 - 9 p.m.

Teen Town Stocking Stuffer Creation (SALT), Student Street

ACTS Performance, Siverson Lounge

7-10 p.m.

Crafts (Student Affairs & Pearl Jam), Student Street

Photo booth (Edda), Morrison Commons Concourse

Family Christmas photos (UBG), Morrison Commons Concourse

7 - 11 p.m.

Cookie Decorating, Morrison Commons Concourse

Christmas Card Making FTK (Augiethon), Student Street

8:00 - 10 p.m.

Bar Trivia - Extra points awarded for dressing up Star Wars Theme (Campus Life), Huddle

Tabletop Games (ATGO), Canton Room

Holiday Hounds (Student Academic Support), Bookstore

25% off Champion Gear, Augustana Bookstore

Tunnel Tours & Pictures with Santa (ASA), meet in Back Alley

9-10 p.m.
Professor Debate (COUPS), Siverson Lounge

9-10:30 p.m.
Canvas & Cocoa #2 (GOLD), 3-in-1 Room

9-11 p.m.

Massages, Acting Studio

10-11:30 p.m.
Drag Show (GSA), Back Alley

11:30 p.m.

Moonlight Breakfast (Dean of Students Office), Dining Room

Bingo (Campus Life), Dining Room

*More events coming soon.

Originally created as alternative programming for students on the eve of Reading Day, the current incarnation of Semester Shutdown coordinates the efforts of a multitude of student organizations and College services. Annually, 600+ students attend an evening of programs that varies from the unique to the traditional holiday.