Welcome to Augustana

A nationally recognized college located in Sioux Falls, Augustana awards approximately $33 million in scholarships and financial aid each year in recognition of student merit, talent and need.

We are proud to invest in students who aspire for more than the ordinary and to create graduates who are the change-makers and problem-solvers of tomorrow.


Explore Your Future

Here, you'll build the foundation and hone the 21st-century skills necessary to achieve your goals – from advanced study to a career you're passionate about.

Discover the Arts

Augustana's long-standing tradition of excellence in the performing and visual arts reaches all students and members of the local community.

In theatre, student actors, musicians, designers and technicians produce four main stage productions per year. Next up is “A Doll’s House,” directed by Jayna Fitzsimmons, set to open on Wednesday, Feb. 25.


Create Experiences

Here, you'll learn from renowned scholars who are involved in research projects and studies around the world, including Dr. Drew Alton, who is among a team of scientists working on Dark Matter exploration at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy.