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Applying to Civitas

Intellectual challenge is at the heart of an Augustana education, as we help students become well-rounded, passionate learners. For students who desire an even more academically rigorous experience, our honors program, Civitas, bridges disciplines with an exploration of the values associated with leading a responsible life. Civitas students complete various projects about vocation — learn about a recent example.

Through foundational courses, an individual learning experience and a capstone project, Civitas students go beyond contemplation of the meaning of citizenship to develop their experiences into action locally, nationally and globally, exemplifying Augustana’s motto: Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.

The Civitas class is limited to 40 participants and is open to students from all disciplines. Priority will be given to entering students who possess a minimum ACT score of 27 and a 3.50 cumulative high school grade point average. Students meeting these requirements are invited to submit that which demonstrates their best work and provides insight into what they will contribute to the program. Submissions might include a piece of art, a written work (e.g., essay, poetry, etc.), a science project, a musical composition, video, or any original work deemed appropriate. Please also provide a brief statement of one page explaining how your work is relevant to your admission to the Civitas program.

Priority deadline for application is March 15, 2015.

You may submit your application electronically to: You may also submit it by postal mail to the address below. Please include the CIVITAS application with your submission.

Civitas Committee
Office of Admission
Augustana College
2001 S. Summit Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57197

Examples of work submitted by current CIVITAS students

We invite candidates to submit their best work, accompanied by a brief statement of one page explaining how their work is relevant to admission to the Civitas program. Both will provide valuable insight into the contributions candidates will make as an honors student.

We often receive questions requesting more specifics about what the committee expects. While we are intentional in not narrowly defining what to present, we understand and respect these inquiries. In recognition, we are providing some examples of applications submitted by some of our current honors students. We hope you find them helpful. Please note that we have received excellent submissions in a variety of forms, including photography and video (music and speech).

Research Paper: “Wind Power – An Answer for the Future?”
Musical Composition: “Newark to New York via Lincoln Tunnel”
Senior Research Paper: “Physiological Problems Associated with Stage 1 Alzheimer’s”

CIVITAS Acceptance

Notifications are made to students accepted to the program beginning in April. Students are asked to complete the acceptance form to accept their place in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

CIVITAS Student Handbook


Follow Maggie Dally's experience at the University of Glasgow

Civitas is part of the Principia Consortium, a group of 25 college honors programs that together offer an honors study-abroad experience at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Students take a required interdisciplinary honors seminar on the Scottish Enlightenment and two to four other courses that fill their major requirement or serve as electives. Augustana junior Maggie Dally (Sioux Falls) studied in Glasgow as part of that program and recorded her thoughts and perceptions in her blog Castles, Kilts, and Rain, which she and Civitas are happy to share with you.

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