Office of Marketing & Communications

The mission of the Office of Marketing & Communications is to create awareness while enhancing the image and reputation of Augustana University. Telling the Augustana story is the goal of each image, advertisement and event produced by our staff. We aim to project a consistent brand identity, establish and promote events that celebrate the joy of Augustana, report campus news, maintain strong relationships to the media and broader Sioux Falls community, recognize the achievements of our students, professors and alumni, and target communication to each of our audiences using a variety of media.

The Office includes the following areas of focus:

The Office of Marketing & Communications provides a variety of services to the Augustana community:

  • Media Relations
    • Print, radio and television contacts
    • News and event reporting
    • News conferences
  • Advertising
    • Outdoor advertising
    • Event advertising
    • Display advertising in print
    • Community sponsors and partnerships
    • Digital advertising
  • Brand Identity, Trademark Management and Licensing
    • Logo design and trademarking
    • Licensing
    • Signage

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