Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic progress is monitored by the Registrar’s Office, to ensure that students are making satisfactory progress toward a degree. In addition, students on federal financial aid are monitored by the Financial Aid Office to ensure they are meeting additional standards set forth by federal regulations (Section 668.34).

Type & Frequency of Measurement 

Augustana University measures Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the end of each term (i.e. fall, spring and summer). For financial aid purposes, Satisfactory Academic Progress is measured both by grade point average (qualitatively) and by pace of progression (quantitatively). For students who repeat a course, the higher grade earned is used in the GPA calculation. Beginning with the 2018-19 academic year, any newly transferred in coursework will be reflected in the student's cumulative GPA. The GPA requirements are based on grade level and are as follows:

Undergraduate   Graduate:   Augie Access:  
Credit Hours Required GPA Credit Hours Required GPA Credit Hours Required GPA
0 - 27.99 credits 1.50 0 thru completion 3.00 0 thru completion 2.00
28 - 57.99 credits 1.75        
58+ credits 2.00        

The pace requirement for both undergraduate and graduate students is 67%. This means the student must complete at least 67.0% of coursework attempted. Transfer hours accepted by the University are included in this calculation, both in the completed and the attempted hours. Grades of A+ through D- and S or VS are considered successful completion of the course. Grades of F, W, U or VU and I are considered unsuccessful completion. All letter grades, S/U grades and incompletes are used in both the GPA and pace calculation. Repeated courses are included in the pace calculation.

In the event a student changes his/her major, all credits taken in the previous major are included in the SAP calculation. Similarly, all credits taken as part of any major or minor are included in the calculation.

Students who exceed 150% of the published program length will be ineligible for federal aid. For example, if a program requires 124 credit hours for completion, the maximum time frame for funding the student is up to 186 credit hours. This criteria is determined based on completed credit hours.

Financial Aid Warning Status

Students that do not meet both the grade point average and pace of completion are placed on financial aid warning status. A Financial Aid Warning letter is sent to the permanent address on file.

Please note that it is possible for a student to be in satisfactory academic standing with the Registrar’s Office, but to be in warning status with the Financial Aid Office, since the Financial Aid Office must monitor both GPA and pace of progression.

A student may continue to receive financial aid for one term while on warning status. Students on warning status will have their academic standing reviewed at the end of the warning term. Students who have met the required GPA and pace of progression levels by the end of the term will be removed from warning status. The Director of Financial Aid will notify these students via email. Those who do not meet the requirements will be placed on financial aid suspension, and will not be eligible for financial aid until the GPA and pace levels are met. A Financial Aid Suspension letter is sent to the permanent address on file.

Appeals & Financial Aid Probation Status

A student placed on financial aid suspension may file an appeal with the Director of Financial Aid, who reviews and approves or denies appeals. Reasons for appeal may include, but are not limited to, situations involving serious medical issues, death in the family, significant interpersonal issues, or other extenuating circumstances. Failure to meet either the GPA or the pace requirement may be appealed.

An appeal must include 1) letter of explanation including information regarding why the student failed to make satisfactory academic progress and an explanation of what has changed in the student’s situation that would allow the student to demonstrate satisfactory progress at the next evaluation and 2) a course completion plan (i.e. academic plan).

Appeals may be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Office of Financial Aid, Attn: Director of Financial Aid.

2001 S Summit Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57197
Fax: 605.274.5295

If approved, the student will be placed on financial aid probation status, and will be allowed to receive aid for one term. A Financial Aid Probation letter is sent to the permanent address on file.

The University may grant an appeal only if it determines that the student will be able to meet SAP standards after the subsequent payment period; or the student’s academic plan, if followed, will allow the student to meet SAP standards at a specific point in time.

A student who is on financial aid probation will have his or her progress evaluated at the end of each term (i.e. fall, spring and summer). If the student has met the conditions of the academic plan as set forth, the student is considered to be eligible for financial aid for the following term. If the student has not met the conditions of the academic plan, financial aid will be suspended.