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Close student-professor collaboration, which enhances learning. It also acknowledges that professor recommendations written on behalf of a student pursuing employment, graduate or professional school may be the difference in a competitive environment.

Because most of the classes are taught in classrooms built to hold no more than 30 students, class sizes are small in number. An average class size of 21 fosters classroom discussion and interactive learning. This personalized environment creates the kind of interaction that enables professors to know you on a more personal level. As a result, professors have more to share about you when writing letters of recommendation for employment or for graduate and professional school.

"Building close student-professor collaborations is one of the many things that makes Augustana so unique. It is clear to me that professors are truly passionate about their work and, as a result, make every effort to get students involved on a first-hand basis. This is evidenced in the numerous research opportunities going on within each department on campus. Following my freshman year, I conducted research in the chemistry department under advisement of the faculty, and as a result, was pointed in the direction of my future career. Throughout my research experienceand, more broadly, my time at Augustanacollaboration with faculty has undoubtedly added an invaluable piece to my education."

Nick Bleeker ('10)
2009 Goldwater Scholar
Shakopee, MN

Students from across all academic disciplines are encouraged and invited to participate in the Augustana Symposium, an annual event that allows students to present research and papers on their academic interests. This provides yet another opportunity for student/faculty collaboration and enables students to enhance their public presentation skills. Collaborations with professors have also resulted in invitations to make presentations at conferences and to co-author articles for publication.

As recently shared in the Gallup-Purdue Index, having a professor who believes in a student makes a lifetime of difference.

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