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A credential file is an essential part of your job search. School districts use credentials to determine which applicants to interview. Without credentials, you may not be offered an interview. Credentials (or a credential file) consist of a cover sheet (name, address, majors, etc.), a transcript, and three to six references from student teaching supervisors, cooperating teachers, professors, and employers. This file is maintained permanently in the Augustana Career Center. At your request, your credentials will be sent to prospective employers. We strongly recommend that you begin the credential process before you begin student teaching. Once you have become involved in actual student teaching your time will be very limited, and having your file established will allow you to begin applying for teaching positions promptly.

Complete information and instructions for students are available here: Download Your Credential Packet. To request your credentials, please fill out a Credential Request Form. Alumni should review their credential file and update references if appropriate. For Alumni wishing to update a credential file, please download the Alumni Credential Packet. Please contact the Career Center at 605.274.4127 or with any questions or concerns.

The Praxis

Many states and licensing organizations require those entering the teaching profession to take The Praxis. The official Praxis website provides information regarding the exams and the score requirements in each state.

The Education Job Search

The overall job market for teachers remains very competitive. However, the numer and type of jobs vary greatly depending on location. Explore employment opportunities in a variety of settings. Placing geographic restrictions on yourself will reduce the number of teaching opportunities you can consider. Carefully check the requirements of each state in which you plan to seek employment; licensing requirements vary. Generally school districts the size of Sioux Falls and larger have vacancies listed on their websites. The larger systems usually expect teachers to apply directly if they are interested. Smaller systems typically do advertise, however, as soon as they have a vacancy.

When you know where you want to teach, create a list of the school districts in your preferred area. The U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics has a search engine for addresses of all public school districts nationwide. Remember to investigate education employment opportunities posted on the Augustana Career Center Job and Internship Listing. Another valuable resource is the American Association for Employment in Education.

Every week apply to as many advertised positions as you possibly can. Continue applying until you receive and accept a job offer.

The links below will get assist you in your job search. For states that are not listed below, search for the Department of Education website of the state of your choice to learn about state teaching requirements and job openings. For more information, examine our Additional Education Job Search Resources, and explore Teaching Overseas opportunities.

Teaching Positions by State

South Dakota

Additional Education Job Search Resources

Teaching Overseas

Typically, to be a  qualified candidate for overseas positions, you need teaching experience. However, in some third world countries, severe teaching shortage areas, and in some programs offering English as a second language in a foreign country, an English degree or education certification is not required.