Tutoring at Augustana

Two students working in the library

Augustana provides several different types of free peer tutoring for students. Many departments provide open tutoring sessions at a scheduled time and place. Individual and group tutoring is also available for freshman students for certain courses. All of these services are free of charge to Augustana students.

Study Zone for tutoringWhy is tutoring important?

Tutoring is important because it expands the knowledge of the student, as well as reinforces the knowledge of the tutor.

When should I see a tutor?

Students should see a tutor after they have reviewed a chapter, done problems, reviewed their notes, and still find themselves stuck, or struggling with a certain subject. Remember, talk to your professor first if you are having difficulty understanding material in a particular course.

What is the role of a tutor?

  • Most people see a tutor as someone who teaches and helps students understand concepts.
  • We also see a tutor as a coach, someone who teaches students about learning styles and how to retain information.
  • Tutors also act as a sounding board for ideas about studying and learning.

Department-based tutoring

The next schedule will be provided during the fall semester.  The Writing Center provides assistance with writing assignments to all Augustana students and is handling all tutoring needs for Summer 2015.

To sign up for individual or group tutoring in these classes, please send an email to tutoring@ole.augie.edu.

For more information, please contact Student Academic Support Services at tutoring@ole.augie.edu or 605.274.5503.