Dual Enrollment Classes on Augustana's Campus

Augustana invites academically talented high school students to supplement their high school curriculum with college courses and obtain college credit through the dual enrollment program.

It is the responsibility of the student to work with his/her high school administration to determine if the credit earned at Augustana can be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

Academic Requirements

High school juniors and seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and permission from their secondary institution and parent(s) may be eligible to enroll in one on-campus class per semester at the university at a cost of $125.00 per credit hour. This tuition reduction is available for up to two courses. Standard tuition rates apply for all additional courses.

Course Availability and Selection

The Office of Admission provides course advisement, selection and registration. Participation in college courses is on a space available basis. If space allows, students are contacted and are able to register the day before the first day of the desired term. Students may view the Course Schedule to see what classes are offered.

Application Process

Complete an Augustana “Dual Enrollment” Course Registration form (.pdf) or check with your high school counselor. A completed application consists of the registration form, including all required signatures, and an official high school transcript.


Payment is due no later than the first week of classes. Payments may be made by cash, check, or money order to the Business Office; or direct debit, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover payments may be made through the Student Portal. For further information, please contact the Business Office at 605.274.4109 or email BusinessOffice@augie.edu.