Lesson Price/Payments/Wait List

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Call the LTS office at 605-274-4636 or email us at learntoswim@augie.edu

Once a child is registered, a minimum of a $20 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the child's spot (payment for the full cost of the class can be made at any time). If the $20 minimum deposit is not received immediately upon registration, Augustana Learn to Swim reserves the right to deactivate (remove) that child to make room for other registrants. Each night the program will run a scan and automatically UNREGISTER all swimmers who have an incomplete registration. You will receive an automated email notification if that happens. You will then need to contact our office if you wish to register again. 

Payment and Refund policy, Wait Lists - NEW CHANGES WENT INTO EFFECT SUMMER 2015 - click here for information. 


Lessons are offered at a discounted price under one of two circumstances. First, Augustana employees recieve a 5 dollar discount per child for all lessons. This is not dependent on the number of children enrolled in the program. Please notify LTS staff of this when you register so we can activate the discount for you. Second, if you have 3 or more swimmers enrolled in our program during the same session, the discount will automatically be applied when you register as long as you have chosen the Family Link option and all of your children are linked together in the same account. The program will typically take the entire discount off of one registration. For example, if you have 3 children enrolled in classes that cost $75 each, you will see that one child owes $60 and then the other two still owe the full amount of $75.