Graduate, Professional, and Seminary Schools

Should you pursue further education? Some career fields, such as medicine, dentistry, law, higher education, research, and ministry require further study. For other career fields, the answer is less clear. 

The Augustana Career Center's Opinion:  You should not attend graduate school simply because you cannot find a position or you are unsure of what kind of career path you want to pursue. Don't specialize in a career field unless you know it's what you want to do! If you know what you want and further education makes sense for your career choice, then you should begin your graduate education as soon as possible. 

Resources for Investigating and Pursuing Further Education

The Augustana Career Center has various books and directories on graduate and professional schools. Our resources include hard copies of Peterson's Graduate Schools in the U.S., Peterson's Game Plan for Getting into Graduate School, Kaplan's Get into Graduate School, GRE test information, and the U.S. News' Best Graduate Schools 2012 Edition.

Further Reading:

Information about graduate and professional programs can also be found by searching online. 

Admission Tests

Visit the following websites as a part of your exam preparation:

Writing Personal Statements