Joni Krueger Recognized as 2019 Augie Pride Award Recipient; Service and Retirements Recognized

President Stephanie Herseth Sandlin and Augie Pride Winner Joni Krueger

Joni Krueger, Augustana University’s Registrar, received the Augie Pride Award at the Augustana Service Awards Presentation and Celebration on Wednesday, April 24.

The Augie Pride award recognizes exceptional service to the university. Since 1999, 26 Augie Pride awards have been presented. View past Augie Pride Award recipients.

Nominations for Joni characterized her as someone who is always innovative, dedicated to doing her best at work and is professional with her colleagues.

“I think of her when I think of Augie Pride. It’s not simply a matter of work well done and investment of time beyond the call of duty, but also a genuine caring for the life of the institution.”

“Her role is no easy task,” another nominator wrote. “She balances the needs and expectations for many different departments on campus, requiring task and grace. Her ability to find a middle ground while helping others better understand reasons for a decision or compromise is one of her biggest strengths. The fabric of the Augustana community is strengthened because of her.”

Another nominator described her as innovative and a leader of change.

“Joni exemplifies what we expect at Augustana — excellence. What makes this candidate exceptional and deserving of the Augie Pride award is how much she cares about the university. She has a fierce belief in Augustana and strives to make her contributions the best they can be.”

Yet another nominator wrote, “I can’t think of anyone on this campus who has worked harder to keep the university running smoothly. Much of what she does is behind the scenes. If I had to vote for one person on this campus who would be the hardest to replace, she would have my vote.”


The event also honored members of the Augustana community who are retiring:

Debbie Anderson (Nursing)
Jim Bies (Student Affairs)
Marsha Brooks (Admission)
Nate Dally (Advancement)
Joe Dondelinger (Government/International Affairs)
Lorna Gross (Buildings and Grounds)
Bill Gross (Advancement)
Brad Heegel (Advancement)
Lonnie Hoefert (Buildings and Grounds)
Libby King (Biology)
Tom Meyer (Finance and Administration)
Sue Schrader (Sociology)
Keith Schwarting (Buildings and Grounds)
Mike Wajer (Buildings and Grounds)

Milestone Anniversaries

Milestone service awards were also presented to the following members of the campus community. New this year was the recognition of five years of service. For this year only, we also recognized those with six-to-nine years of service.

NEW! 5 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs  
    • Cindy Bakke (Theatre)
    • Kelsey Bulock (Mikkelsen Library)
    • Amy Littel (Genetic Counseling)
    • Lindsay Erickson (Mathematics)
    • Anthony Millette (Art)
    • Julia Paluch (Academic Affairs)
    • Maria Peters (Music)
  • Enrollment
    • Madeleine Ellis (Admission)
  • Advancement
    • Carolyn Cordie (Advancement)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Roger Heinrich (Campus Safety)
    • Kelly Lang (Financial Aid)
    • Kevin Potratz (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Kevin Klawonn (IT Services)
  • Human Resources
    • Kary Best (Campus Learning Center)

6-9 (retro) Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Lisa Baye (Biology)
    • Pilar Cabrera Fonte (Modern Foreign Languages)
    • Andrea Carlson (Music)
    • John Casey (Music)
    • Liz Cisar (Center for Western Studies)
    • Marlee Dyce (Education)
    • Jayna Fitzsimmons (Theatre)
    • Sue Flynn (Exercise & Sport Sciences)
    • Danny Gerling (English/Journalism)
    • Nathan Grau (Physics)
    • Greg Gunderson (Education)
    • Christa Gunderson (Education)
    • Laura Hybertson (Business Administration)
    • Erin Kane (International Programs)
    • Beth Karel (Nursing)
    • Cecelia Miles (Biology)
    • Paul Nesheim (Music)
    • Jeffrey Paul (Music)
    • Matthew Pehl (History)
    • Michael Rueter (Modern Foreign Languages)
    • Carmen Steen (Education)
    • Russell Svenningsen (Music)
    • Kristi Thomas (Center for Western Studies)
    • Casey Trainor (Psychology)
    • Leigh Vicens (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
    • Seasson Vitiello (Biology)
    • Emily Wanless (Government/International Affairs)
    • Bob Wright (Economics)
  • Advancement
    • Mike Flynn (Advancement)
  • Athletics 
    • Collin Authier (Athletics) 
    • Matt Bacoulis (Athletics)
    • Katie Bourk (Athletics)
    • Chad Hettermann (Athletics)
    • Chase King (Athletics)
    • Jerry Olszewski (Athletics)
    • Jason Rinne (Athletics)
    • Kelly Scholten (Athletics)
    • James Schrenk (Athletics)
  • Campus Ministries
    • Ann Rosendale (Chapel of Reconciliation)
  • Finance and Administration  
    • Todd Arneson (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Dave Denbow (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Chuck Else (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Garry Felsheim (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Karla Frank (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Reshma Hearst (IT Services)
    • Gary Henningsen (Campus Safety)
    • Diane Johnson (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Sandy Pohlmann (Conferences and Scheduling)
    • Susan SanMiguel (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Jim Tirrel (Buildings and Grounds)
    • David Tuschen (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Gwen Van Veldhuizen (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Human Resources
    • Amanda Olson (Human Resources)
    • Nina Ulrich (Campus Learning Center)
  • Office of the President
    • Pam Miller (Office of the President)
  • Strategic Communications and Marketing
    • Kami Gladis (Central/Creative Services)
  • Student Affairs
    • Whitney Daly (Center for Campus Life)
    • Beth Elam (Dean of Students Office)
    • Lindsey Roberts (Dean of Students Office)

10 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Karla Abbott (Nursing)
    • Lisa Babcock (Psychology)
    • Cory Conover (History)
    • Barry Eichler (Chemistry)
    • Karie Frank (Humanities Division)
    • Martha Gregg (Mathematics)
    • Jenny Gubbels (Biology)
    • Mitch Harris (English/Journalism)
    • Monica  Lhotzky (Modern Foreign Language)
    • Olivia Lima (Psychology)
    • Jared Mays (Chemistry)
    • John Pennington (Music)
    • Patricia Waltman (Nursing)
    • Rocki Wentzel (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
    • Dan Workman (Theatre)
    • Larry Puthoff (Education)
  • Athletics
    • Greg Binstock (Athletics)
    • Scott Boyens (Athletics)
    • Tim Huber (Athletics)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Matt Fox (IT Services)

15 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Shelly Gardner (Business Administration)
    • Joel Johnson (Government/International Affairs)
    • Eric Wells (Physics)
  • Athletics
    • Peggy Kirby (Athletics)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Craig Kuper (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Rick Tupper (University Services)
  • Human Resources
    • Amy Meyers (Human Resources)

20 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Jetty Duffy-Matzner (Chemistry)
    • Geoffrey Gunderson (Music)
    • Jaciel Keltgen (Business Administration)
    • Karen Mahan (Education)
    • Steve Matzner (Biology)
  • Advancement
    • Jenny Meiners  (Advancement)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Byron Boe (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Mike Humpal (Campus Safety)
    • Kent Wilson (Buildings and Grounds)

25 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Lisa Brunick (Mikkelsen Library)
    • Becky Folkerts (Mikkelsen Library)
    • Lisa Grevlos (Music)
    • Cheryl Jackson-Nelson (English/Journalism)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Donovan DeJong (IT Services)
    • Steve Lathrop (IT Services)

30 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Janet Blank-Libra (English/Journalism)
    • Brian Eggleston (Economics)
    • Mike Mullin (History)
    • Anna Vohres (Music)
  • Advancement
    • Nate Dally (Advancement)
  • Student Affairs
    • Carmen Hecht  (Recreational Services)
    • Mark Hecht (Recreational Services)

35 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Joe Dondelinger (Government/International Affairs)
    • Harry Thompson (Center for Western Studies)
    • Ronelle Thompson (Mikkelsen Library)
    • Steve Van Bockern (Education)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Dan Drenkow (IT Services)

40 Years of Service

  • Academic Affairs
    • Murray Haar (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Lorna Gross (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Ed Kelly (Buildings and Grounds)

Past Augie Pride Winners

Mike Wajer (1999), Glenn Wika (1999), Mark Hecht (2000), Larry Borgum (2001), Stan Eitreim (2002), Judy Dovenmuehler (2003), Nancy Davidson (2004), Butch Huizenga (2005), Mary Jane Minnig (2006), Carol Weisz (2007), Donn Grinager (2008), Dianne Hammrich (2009), Peg Ustad (2009), Mary Moline (2010), Marsha Brooks (2011), Tracy Riddle (2011), Adam Heinitz (2012), Jeff Holm (2013), Nate Dally (2014), Brenda Murtha (2015), Libby King (2016), Brian Rieger (2016), Rob & Angie Oliver (2017), Deb Frederick (2017) and Luanne Wuestewald (2018).