Journey Scholars Program

Journey Scholars at Activities Fair

What is the Journey Scholars Program?

The purpose of the Journey Scholars program is to support and empower students of color as they navigate a historically white institution throughout their first year at Augustana University.

What You'll Get ...

The Journey Scholars program begins with an orientation that occurs prior to the start of the Augustana Welcome Week, allowing you to move in, get settled, and start connecting with our Journey Scholars before the majority of students arrive. Focus will be paid to identifying institutional and community resources that will assist as you navigate Augustana during your first year.

As a result of participating in the Journey Scholars program, students will ...

  • enhance and apply skills that demonstrate initiative and responsibility for their educational experience.
  • identify and regularly engage with peer and professional mentors of color.
  • develop, communicate, and actualize a personal plan of study.
  • actively engage with their cohort, the University, and the Sioux Falls community.

Other program highlights include ...

  • ongoing academic and career coaching;
  • one-on-one connection with a peer mentor; 
  • participation in Journey Scholars retreats throughout the academic year.

What You'll Give ...

Journey Scholars are students who have a strong desire and determination to be successful, are interested in fully engaging with their peers and the campus community, and are willing to help Augustana continue to shape a campus community that welcomes, supports, and affirms all students.

How Do You Become a Journey Scholar?

Domestic students of color who have been admitted to Augustana University are invited to apply for the Journey Scholars program.

To apply, you need only to complete the Journey Scholar supplemental application. Once received, your application will be reviewed by the Journey Scholars Committee. Decisions are made with regard to the quality and depth of reflection shown in responses to application questions and in relation to how their inclusion in the program will strengthen the cohort and provide opportunity for personal growth and development. 

Applications received by Sunday, May 31, will be given priority consideration. Applicants may be admitted to the program at any point prior to the start of the academic year in which they enroll, subject to available space within the cohort.

Complete Journey Scholars Application here.


For questions about the Journey Scholars program, please contact Haley Elness, Admission Counselor, at or 605.274.5501.