Finals Week Survival Kits

Spring semester is winding down — and a Survival Kit full of snack items is just what students need to help combat the stress of finals week!

The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) offers you the opportunity to purchase a Finals Week Survival Kit for the student of your choice, as we have done for more than 20 years!

Choose from four packages:

  • The Comfort Break: Wishing you could give your child a big bear hug? Fresh baked cookies and a big glass of milk may be all the comfort he/she needs. Choose from a dozen fresh-baked Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies of your choice and one bottle each of Vanilla and Chocolate Yup! milk and a Crazy Straw. $15.99
  • The Mental Health Break: For the health conscious student looking to flex some brainpower. This box comes outfitted with Clif Bars, Oatmeal to Go, Microwave Popcorn, Almonds, Smart Water and Crystal Light water enhancers. $19.99
  • The Coffee Break: For the caffeinated coffee lover pulling an all-nighter. Get an AU tumbler with three (3) coffee vouchers to the Huddle. Also Included are a variety of Awake Bars and chocolate-covered almonds. $29.99
  • The Study Buddy: Everything your student needs to make it through finals week — a combination of healthy treats and sweet eats. Survival goods include Ritz Bits, Nutella Dippers, Chex Mix, Trail Mix, Lifesavers, King-Sized Snickers, Gum, Smarties, Monster Energy Drinks, coffee drinks and water. $34.99

**If your student has a health concern (diabetes, allergies, etc.), we will adapt the Survival Kit to meet the student's needs. Please note any modifications on your order.

Order your Survival Kit by Wednesday, May 3 — kits will be ready for pickup on Friday, May 12, before finals begin!

Consider purchasing one for your child’s roommate, friends, or an international student with our online form. Semester finals can be tough — give your student encouragement for the week.

Thanks for making someone’s day (and for supporting our fundraiser)!