Writing Center

Writing Center Tutors at Augustana University

The Writing Center promotes writing across the curriculum at Augustana University by offering the following:

  • classroom presentations supporting W-component classes
  • tutor services to any enrolled Augustana student.
  • writing-related workshops for faculty and students
  • English conversation table on Thursdays 4-5 p.m. during Fall and Spring. Cappuccinos, tea, and bread provided.

Writing Center Summer Hours

Sunday closed
Monday 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in library classroom


Wednesday closed

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in library classroom

Friday Closed
Saturday Closed

We also have a tutor stationed in the library classroom Sunday - Thursday from 8 - 10 p.m. during Fall and Spring (not J-term)

The Writing Center is available to all students at Augustana University. Our internationally certified peer tutors/consultants can do the following:

  • Help with any writing assignments (not just English).
  • Discuss writing assignments to help you understand what is required.
  • Assist you to think through and develop your ideas.
  • Help you organize your information and plan your paper.
  • Suggest strategies to help you edit and proofread effectively.


Call to set up a weekly appointment time or stop in during the walk-in hours for help with any writing assignment.

Tutors, their specialties, and their hours:

Sarah: Biology and Spanish majors; good with scientific reports, APA formatting, and English essays. Hours: 

NajmaPhilosophy and Communications majors; all-around wonderful person. Hours: 

Mia:  Hours: 

Kendra: English Major; good with MLA, FYS writing, and academic writing. Hours: 


Kaatje: Journalism major with a minor in German; comfortable with APA, MLA. FYS writing and journalistic writing. Hours: 

Destiny: English and Government majors; good with basic French and Journalism. Hours: 


Anna: Business Administration, Economics, Government, and Spanish majors; Pre-law; Biology 110 TA; Civitas; loves sharks. Hours: 

Andrew: English and Psychology majors; comfortable with MLA and APA styles; native Spanish speaker (loves tutoring in Spanish, too!). Hours: Mondays and Thursdays 6-8pm (library). 

Shauna: Hours: 

Rebekah: Journalism and STEM majors; comfortable with MLA, APA, and journalistic writing. Also good with formatting chemistry lab reports and Civitas papers. If you have cookies, please bring some to share. The sugar variety is preferred. Hours

Ryan: Government major with History and Economics minors; good with MLA, Chicago, and APSA. Love Brainstorming and learning about new things. Experienced with writing and reviewing Civitas papers. Hours: 


Lauren K: Biology major with minors in English and History; comfortable with Civitas, FYS writing, and lab papers. Hours: