Services for Students

At Augustana, our students don't just find jobs after graduation, they build lives of purpose and possibility.

Excellence is not only a core value at Augustana; it's also a way of life. The Student Success Center is eager to engage and equip you on this journey. Through a variety of resources, including exploratory academic advising, accessibility accommodations, academic counseling, career advising, and tutoring, we empower you to excel your learning and success. Discover additional resources and example resumes exclusively available to Augustana students on 

We can help you:

Student Success Center Needs-Based Fund

Through a partnership with the Augustana Student Association, the Student Success Center Needs-Based Fund provides limited financial support to currently enrolled students who are unable to meet expenses due to financial hardship.

Achieve your Academic Goals

  • Manage your Time
  • Prepare for Exams
  • Arrange Accessibility Accommodations
  • Connect with a Tutor
  • Meet Individually with a Learning Specialist for Academic Coaching
  • Retain the Information you Read
  • Access other Study Resources (
  • Use free study aids and review materials via Study Blue and Quizlet
  • Take More Effective Notes During Class
    • Note Taking -- Realize that notetaking is a work in progress. Notes should always be changing by summarizing or adding to. The information that you are receiving while taking a class is dynamic and so your notes should be changing. Here a couple of methods besides the formal and informal notes that you are used to using:
      • Cornell Notes -- Cornell Notes is an excellent format to take class notes in. The Cornell method helps you space out the learning into three different segments or phases. The first phase is the preparation for class by preparing questions or terms to answer or define when taking notes. Phase two is taking the notes to answer and define the questions and terms and the third phase to summarize your notes when the class is over. Click on the link to get further information on the Cornell Method of taking notes.
      • Graphic Organizers -- Graphic Organizers help you organize your notes in diagrams that you create. Graphic Organizers help you visualize the information in different ways than the usual note taking. Click on the link to see examples of Graphic Organizers and how you can use them.
  • Record Audio Class Notes (our favorite note-taking app)

Excel in Your Career