Campus Housing Closing Information

Fall 2020 Closing

The last day of in-person class for the Fall semester is November 20, 2020 and students are expected to go home and finish their semester online.

Residence hall students are to leave campus housing by noon on Saturday, November 21.  The residence halls will be closed on November 21 at noon and will reopen on Sunday, January 3 at noon.  ID cards will be shut off and you will not have swipe access into your residence hall during the break.

Students are able to return to campus on Sunday, January 3 at noon.  The dining hall will not be open until Monday, January 4th for the 5pm meal.  Please plan accordingly.

If you need to stay on campus past November 21, you have to fill out the Extended Break Housing Application.  Applications are due Friday, November 13 by 5pm.  You must receive approval status to stay.  If you are not approved, you will have to make other housing arrangements.  Theme house and apartment residents do not need to apply to stay on campus for the break.  

Checkout Process

Before you leave campus:

  • Clean out your Microchill.  Unplug the fridge, properly defrost, and put a towel underneath.
  • Take out all trash.  Throw away or take home any perishable food items
  • Check common areas (laundry room, kitchen, lounges) for any personal items.  Anything left behind will be donated.
  • Make sure you have all necessary belongings with you (wallet, medications, etc.).  You won't be able to come back to your room after you leave.
  • Take any fish or plants home with you
  • If your roommate is not returning OR you are alone in a double room, make sure half of the room is clear for a potential new roommate.

As part of the checkout process, you will be required to attend a mandatory floor meeting with your VA.  They will give more details about the process and be able to answer any questions.

There will be a $25 minimum charge for improper checkouts so please complete all items!

Trash rooms will be closed starting November 16.  After this point, all trash needs to be taken outside to the dumpsters.

If you are not returning to campus for January or Spring semester, you will have to set up a checkout time with your VA or Hall Director.


If you are leaving for the break but leaving your car on campus, you will have to park it in the KO Stadium lot (off of Lake Ave) for the duration of the break.  You will also have to let Campus Safety know.  You can all them at 605-274-4014.


All fall textbook rentals are due by Friday, December 4

Return your rental textbooks in store during the bookstore's business hours anytime before the due date OR return rentals by mail if you are unable to return your rental books before leaving campus.