Residence Hall Closing Information

Fall Housing Closing Information

Residence Hall Closing

All residence halls will close at noon on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 12pm. They will remain closed until 8 AM on Sunday, January 6, 2019. Only students with prior approval from the Campus Life Office may stay after noon on December 14 or return prior to January 6, 2019.

Residence Halls Closed During Break. All residents are to leave campus within 24 hours of their final exam. Card access will be deactivated and will not resume until after the break. Please plan ahead and take whatever belongings you’ll need during the break.

Students Must Check Out with Hall Staff Before Leaving for Break. The last resident to leave each room must schedule a checkout time with their Viking Advisor. Sign up for a time on your VA’s room door at least 24 hours in advance.

Theme house and apartment residents are not required to check out for winter break, although Campus Life asks that residents inform their Viking Advisor or Hall Director of extended periods of time where a unit or house will be vacant in order to best address facility and safety needs.

To properly prepare rooms for the break, students who are RETURNING to the SAME ROOM should complete the following prior to leaving:

  • Disconnect all electrical plugs (clocks, stereos, TVs, computers, personal care appliances, etc.).
  • Remove all holiday decorations.
  • Clean your room and remove all trash.

  • Empty and clean refrigerators (including the University-provided MicroChill unit in your room). Leave your unit plugged in.
  • Close window and window coverings.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Take valuables, plants, and fish with you.
  • Lock door and take key with you.
  • Show up for your check out time with your VA to ensure your room is closed properly for break.
  • If your roommate is not returning, leave adequate space (bed, dresser, and closet) for a possible roommate. Please plan for a new roommate, who may arrive before you return to campus. Students who have not prepared their space for a new roommate may be subject to a cleaning and preparation fee.

Students who have been approved to MOVE to A DIFFERENT ROOM should complete the following prior to leaving (Important Note: Approval to change rooms can only be granted by your Hall Director or Campus Life office staff):

  • Follow all the steps listed above for your current room and your new room.
  • At least 48 hours prior to your departure, talk to your Hall Director about the timeline for your move, completing necessary paperwork, and exchanging keys.
  • Ensure that your current room is clean and contains all furnishings present when you moved in.
  • Make sure all your items are moved to your new space and that you complete your room inventory and return your key to your old room prior to leaving.
  • Additional Notes:
    • Your student ID card will be programmed for your new residence hall (if applicable) after the break.

Students who are NOT RETURNING to campus housing following the break should complete the following prior to leaving:

  • Follow all the steps above for preparing your room to leave.
  • At least 48 hours in advance, arrange a time with your VA to check out of your room, complete necessary paperwork, and return your keys. Your checkout must be completed by noon on Friday, December 14.
  • Ensure that your current room is clean and contains all furnishings present when you moved in.
  • If you are withdrawing/ transferring from Augustana, you must also complete an exit interview. To do so, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 605.274.4124.


Dining Services Closed During Break. The Dining Room will remain open until 12 Noon on Friday, December 14, 2018. Dining Services will be closed during the break. Fall meal plans end on Friday, December 14 at 12 Noon. Spring meal plans will begin on Sunday, January 6th for the evening meal (5 PM to 7 PM).

3rd and 4th Year Students may make changes to their spring dining plans until Friday, January 11, 2019. No change may be made after this deadline. Contact Campus Life at 605.274.5215 or with your name, student ID number and preferred plan change (unlimited, block 75, no plan.) Note that only the unlimited meal plan is covered by Augie gift assistance and any change may result in a 10% decrease in your financial aid award. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Cable TV

If you have Cable TV this semester, your account will automatically be billed for next semester. If you want to cancel cable TV or move services to a different room, you must contact the Campus Life Office at by January 11th.


If you plan to leave your car on-campus for any extended period of time while you are traveling, please move your vehicle to the West Stadium Lot (behind Kirkeby-Over Stadium, accessible from Lake Ave or 37th St) prior to your departure. This will assist us in making sure that residence hall lots are easily cleared should it snow while you are away.

Break Housing

Students Staying On-Campus During Break Need Campus Life Approval. Break housing is available for some students. Any student wishing to be on-campus during the break must complete a Break Housing Application.

Students are only eligible for Winter Break housing if:

  1. you live more than 500 miles away from Sioux Falls
  2. you are required by Augustana University to stay during the break
  3. you are participating in an intercollegiate sport

Again, to be considered for break housing, you must complete a Break Housing Application, found online at A special keycard will be issued to those approved to stay. Applications will be available Monday, December 3rd and are due by Monday, December 10th. There is a fee of $5.00 per night for housing, unless you meet the criteria above.

Important Notes:

  • Please be aware that Campus Life and Facilities staff may access rooms for safety, security, and maintenance purposes at any time throughout the break, should the need arise.
  • Campus Safety (605.274.4014) is available for urgent safety and security needs throughout the break. As always, contact 911 for emergencies.
  • Conduct expectations for finals week: Any student found in violation of Campus Life’s community standards during finals week may be subject to a fine and may be asked to leave the residence halls if their behavior impedes the ability for others to prepare appropriately for exams. Please be courteous to your peers and neighbors.

Please feel free to contact your Hall Director, Viking Advisor, or the Campus Life Office with any additional questions regarding break housing and dining information. The Campus Life Office is located in the Edith Mortensen Center, suite 119 and can be reached at or 605.274.5215. Enjoy your holiday break!