Residence Hall Closing Information

Fall Semester Closing Information

All residence halls will close at noon on Friday, December 15, 2017. All residents are to leave campus within 24 hours of their final exam.  You will not be able to gain access to the residence halls once they are closed. Break Housing is available for students required to be on campus or who have significant constraints to traveling home.

Closing and Moving Instructions

Students Leaving for Break and Returning for Interim/ Spring Semester

In order to ensure a proper check out:

  • Arrange a time with your Viking Advisor to check out of your room. Your VA will give you more information on how to schedule your check out.
  • Disconnect all electrical plugs (clocks, stereos, TVs, computers, personal care appliances, etc.).
  • Remove all holiday decorations.
  • Clean your room and remove all trash.
  • Empty and clean refrigerators (including the University-provided MicroChill unit in your room). Leave your fridge plugged in.
  • Close window and window coverings.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Take valuables, plants, and fish with you.
  • Lock door and take key with you.
  • If your roommate is not returning, leave adequate space (bed, dresser, and closet) for a possible roommate. Please plan for a new roommate, who may arrive before you return to campus. Students who do not properly prepare for a new roommate may be subject to a cleaning and preparation fee.

Students checking out and not returning to Augustana for Interim/ Spring semester

In order to ensure a proper check out:

  • Arrange a time with your VA to check out of your room.  You and your VA must complete and sign the room inventory form..
  • Follow the above procedures for preparing your room for departure.
  • Turn in your key to your VA or Residence Hall Director.
  • If you have a loft to return, contact College Products to process your order cancellation. Your loft will be disassembled by staff after you have checked out.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your Viking Advisor, Residence Hall Director or the main Campus Life Office at 605.274.5215 or