Student Handbook

A message from Jim Bies, Dean of Students

Dear Students:

Augustana Student Handbook 2016-2017Augustana's Student Handbook is the official resource that defines our expectations for student life. These are the policies and practices that allow us to collaboratively work alongside each other, to respectfully respond to conflicts with one another, and to resolve violations of our Code of Student Conduct in ways that emphasize learning and personal accountability.

This important resource along with the Academic Catalog contains important information that Augustana students are expected to be familiar with. I hope that you will take many opportunities to become familiar with the contents of both publications. It is important for you to know that the responsibility for understanding and following our policies and procedures whether it is the Code of Student Conduct or the requirements for graduation rests entirely with you, the student.

On behalf of our faculty and staff, we wish you a successful academic year and we look forward to participating with you in the special events and programs that make Augustana a uniquely special learning community.


Jim Bies
Dean of Students

DISCLAIMER:  No student handbook can anticipate every circumstance or question regarding university policies. On occasion, some (indirect) online links may take you to information published by other campus entities that cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. Accordingly, this publication is not intended to be a legally binding contract. Therefore, Augustana reserves the right to amend, supplement, interpret, rescind, or deviate from any policies or portions of the Student Handbook from time to time as it deems appropriate based upon the facts and circumstances surrounding each situation, in its sole and absolute discretion. As changes to the Handbook are made during the course of an academic year, this website and all of its linked contents will serve as an essential resource for policies, procedures and resources.